Jet City Coffee App Prototype

UX Designer & UX Researcher Ethnographic research, user-centered design May- August 2013 I started this project in 2013 because I was frustrated with the existing Starbucks app which allowed you to save your personal preferences (drinks, store...), but you couldn't do anything with them. Starbucks had also just purchased La Boulange and had begun warming up food. I was anticipating longer order lines and decided this was a good time to improve the UX of the app. I pitched a redesign to corporate where a user can order their coffee in advance and avoid the line. THE IDEA: if a cafe were to develop long register lines due to an increase in time spent on food prep (the register employees also prepare food), offer an Express option for drink orders only: The Barista Hotline! The Barista Hotline is a transaction point inside the cafe, mid-way to the bar, where a customer can both order their drink and pay for it in one scanning action on their smart phone. Another way to order would be when the user trips the geo-fence of the store, a message is displayed on the user's phone asking, "Order XYZ at this store?" The user has options to place the order, dismiss it or change the order. The Jet City Coffee app allows the user: • To navigate directly to the custom drink they've built in the app. • Upon selection of the beverage, a drink specific barcode pops up. • When the user scans the barcode, their drink order & name are sent directly to the barista & their Square or PayPal account is charged. • They wait, but wait less. • This feature is for drink orders only, at this point • There may be a small surcharge for using this express feature.

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